Wu Enda reading Baidu brain artificial intelligence can do for us what world

Lei feng’s Web on September 1, 2016, 2016 Baidu world held in Beijing. General Assembly Chief Scientist Wu Enda reading Baidu Baidu on the brain’s four ability and deep learning platform of Baidu, and announced this month Baidu deep learning platform will be open to the public.

Lectures are mainly as follows: 1) the current artificial intelligence can do what; 2) Baidu detailed interpretation of the four core components of the brain; 3) continues to collaborate with third parties; 4) reasons for using a deep learning; 5) introduction Baidu medical brain; 6) artificial intelligence are changing companies and industries.

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Following is the full text of the speeches of Wu Enda (Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest) do not change the intent of the deletion):

Wu Enda reading Baidu brain: artificial intelligence can do for us what? | world Baidu 2016

Baidu key parts of the brain, we have language, images, natural language processing, user pictures, these are made of depends on machine learning. Baidu is an artificial intelligence company whose products rely heavily on artificial intelligence, including search, advertising, glutinous rice, automatic transmission, and so on. We have Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology, internal output to our engineers and product managers, and arranged a workshop on artificial intelligence, take a look at our staff may use artificial intelligence technology, which innovative products can do in a month. The results can be summarized in four examples:

First, we have a small team using computational language processing and machine learning made a patrol robot, he can call the customer automatically, automatic mining line of risk, including accreditation, pornography, research and so on.

The second example, we also have a small team using our machine learning techniques for intelligent writing Assistant, you write a few words, he will be able to automatically replace words, words recommend, help you to revise the article.

The third example, we posted it, we get some pictures, we also need to do automatic cut, get the results above, but if we use our intelligent clip you can get below a picture of the results and improve the user experience.

The fourth example, we have a small team, I have a new product, if you take a picture, take a look at what kind of clothes you wear, you can automatically recognize what clothes you wear, and also provides you with a stylish match.

Artificial intelligence developed so fast, what it can do for you?

Today, I would like to express two thoughts,

First, if there is one thing that is a normal person can do it a second, we probably can also use artificial intelligence to automatically do it. If you want to enter a picture, and output, this person’s sex, nice not nice, normal people look at this picture thought for a second you can understand the information, and we now that artificial intelligence can do very well.

Secondly, apart from a second job, in a very short time, artificial intelligence has the second thing we could do very well, if a specific recurring thing you can get huge amounts of data, you can get a lot of data, you can use the data to predict the next result. Baidu, for example we have a lot of advertising and related user information, see many times, some users will click on the different ads, we can use the data to predict the user will click on the ads.

I think in a very short period of time, a problem if it is a normal one second can do, or to predict the next result, the artificial intelligence can be very effective. The long dimension, I have confidence in the future of artificial intelligence. I hope that in the future we will be accompanied by a robot, or make specific personal training, music composition, and robot doctors, many of these are in the research phase of the project.

Baidu’s four brain capacity

Baidu’s first ability is the voice of the brain capacity.

In our most advanced speech-recognition system, called Deep Speech, it is an end-to-end learning system, you enter a voice we can be placed directly into a massive neural network, neural networks can learn how to output accurate results. We found that if you want to learn to work with this kind of depth, you need to very, very large neural network training, to do the work we found that using the GPU can train a large enough neural network, will be able to succeed in doing this type of work.

In Baidu’s most important products already support this kind of voice input, users can be more convenient, faster and more natural using the enter information using these products. We of team is do a new of voice input, this is voice mainly of keyboard, and we also found if using a has simple of natural language processing capacity, can understanding you told words, also can recommended expression, you said I is happy will recommended Shang class expression, you if in chat, wants to put third party friends phone number put in, also can directly said you of needs, he also can automatically meet.

The second ability is natural language processing capabilities.

Baidu was founded on the first day, first search company, search requires a lot of dependence on natural language processing, so from the first days of Baidu has very advanced natural language processing technology. You said a few words, our keyword technology can automatically output, identifying key words, we have a very, very good translation technology, you can automatically answer or understand your needs to provide you with the equipment control. Moschino iPhone 6 Plus Case

In addition to search, natural language processing also on other products are very useful. Two years ago, on my Conference in 2014, at this stage to introduce a project that uses natural language processing is our intelligent audio, if you want to listen to music at home, you sit on the couch directly to the sound that plays music, you can hear it. We want to sound can become your assistant can also provide you with shopping or service also gives you useful information.

I hope in you of family, you of appliances future will became increasingly intelligent, in you home speaker is a very very important of equipment, except speaker yiwai, I hope future you of lights, security system, curtains and so on will became increasingly more intelligent, let it can understanding you directly said of needs, let you of family became more intelligent, in Baidu also will began with third party of this a appliances company cooperation, using we of artificial intelligence technology support appliances company of work.

The third part is the image.

Our imaging technology has images and videos are very, very deep understanding, I’ll give you an example.

The first example, if you enter the figure on the left, we can automatically output the following sentence, tell you the picture content. The second example, you enter the picture in the middle is also asking the question, we can automatically output the answer tells you that this is a white board.

Do these image use? Very accurate face recognition ability to lock to cooperate with third party company, which is using our face recognition and ability to identify the living. Our idea is to recognize your face and let you in. As a final example, do only use our ability to identify the living.

Brain fourth–Baidu user portrait.

Because we see a lot of data, users can have a depth of understanding. Can form a user’s gender, age, like what to eat, what clothes you like to wear, likes to go places, we also have great respect users ‘ privacy, so our focus now is to use this portrait to support internal users of the product.

Baidu in the brain, we have a wide range of technologies, sound image, natural language processing, user picture is dependent on our machine learning to do. Our internal staff if they want to use a model that has trained, for example an audio image model, you can very quickly to select the best model, very fast, very easy to put data into it. If a team has its own data, they sometimes want to use their own data to train their own models.

In fact, machine learning, and I think the biggest part of their value is dependent on a technology called supervised learning, the supervised learning means what? That is if you want to learn what you entered, you need to output. Baidu has a lot of user’s advertising information, enter the user’s advertising information if you want to learn, and will output a user points the ads, this is a typical example.

Using machine learning to cooperate with third parties

Our ability to continue to learn over the years Baidu internal focus is to support our work, and has recently started using the machine learning supports the work of third parties.

I’ll give you an example, our open cloud team has been working with Taiyuan railway Bureau, doing logistics work. If you have a train, the train running from one city to another city how long, that time is more difficult to influence, and has a tremendous impact on the logistics of your transit time. What is transit time mean? If a train arrived at the station, you go to warehouse goods from the trains, from the warehouse to trucks you need much time, it’s your transit time, to reduce transit time, this has a big impact on logistics.

We’ve talked of Taiyuan railway Bureau collected a lot of data about the logistics, Baidu opening these data to the cloud, we have trained several models to predict accurate trains and lorries arrive, forecasts future storage requirements, future transportation needs, our model can reduce transit time 50%, which has a huge impact on the logistics.

Because of the use of deep learning?

You all know that Baidu, our machine learning has had a great influence on many of our products. In fact most advanced machine learning platform, the best learning platform is our depth, our most important products and technologies are used in our depth of learning. Depth within the learning platform can we get this kind of success, I think there are two main reasons: iPhone Moschino

First, it is easy to learn and easy to use, easy to learn, easy to use.

Second, performance efficient.

Because of our deep learning focus of the platform is easy to learn and use, we have thousands of engineers, can be easier to learn and use of deep learning to influence each other’s products. Because Baidu deep learning platform has so much influence on such an important product, we feel that this is a very, very valuable resources.

I am pleased to announce that this month will be open to all of our learning platform. I have already said the focus of our learning platform, that is easy to learn and use, performance efficient. Finally, Baidu will make every effort to support China’s developer community, our deep learning platform performance and efficient support for GPU work step by step training, training and so on, we hope that deep learning platform can make your team more easily, the depth of the more effective use of the most advanced learning platform, to change the way you work.

I still think using artificial intelligence one of the earliest Internet companies because the Internet companies have huge amounts of data and also have very good engineers. But we have seen that artificial intelligence has begun to technology companies and traditional companies have more and more influence. Intelligent speakers like I said, our intelligent door lock, we have seen intelligence of many traditional industries or technology industry began to have more and more influence.

Baidu medical brain profile

In Baidu also do has a medical brain, we just research stage, exploration a robot doctor can not can do success, you if using medical brain, asked he a problem, like asked he cold fever has should do, this medical brain on will understanding you of problem, and asked you many about status of problem understanding you of illness, you slowly to answered he of problem, he also can automatically recognition out you illness of may, also can for you provides some about illness of information and provides some recommends.

This would certainly not replace the brain doctor, and if patients want to use medical information for the brain next, of course, he needs to discuss with doctors, I hope that in the future this kind of work, this kind of technology can provide useful information for patients and doctors.

In Baidu, this type of medical brain and other work can be done more quickly, the main reason is the Baidu brain technologies and platforms. You see, many of our most important products are successfully used Baidu brain technology. Our artificial intelligence workshop last month, 70 teams within a month, a month of artificial intelligence can be very, very exciting innovation project, the reason they can do that they can choose the most effective part of the artificial intelligence, stitch them together to do this kind of work.

Artificial intelligence are changing companies and industries

I think that artificial intelligence has had a big impact on Baidu, has transformed our company, what does this means to you? We are open platform of Baidu’s brain, I hope that these technologies can help you change your company, change your profession.

In our company the brain open site, has written our technical capabilities, you can also go to the site begin to understand these technologies, how do you use, we will slowly put up more training materials related to artificial intelligence, on this site, hopes will be useful for your company, product, just like the rest of us have big changes.

Topic selection is the AI of the Baidu World Conference this year is the new electricity, power brings great changes 100 years ago, today’s artificial intelligence will bring big changes to our industry, I hope Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology we can help you change the industry, change society, and hope we can assist you into the era of artificial intelligence, thank you.


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