2013 rice noodle Festival, all equipment issued to the Studio for a long time, has not done MIUI past and present series, millet’s most successful product to date is still MIUI,MIUI from the 2.x-V4-V5 evolution until today has reached a very high level of local service, plus millet MiCloud cloud services will be some surprise? Us to millet’s cloud services.

Vera Bradley tech case

Phone has been emphasizing Triathlon (hardware + software + Internet service), millet has been run and value for money as the hot publicity, although millet models have the highest performance of mainstream hardware, so most users are too focused on hardware performance, tend to neglect the millet was better at systems and Internet services.

Grounding the traditional strengths of the local experience is both MIUI small Mijun (MiCloud) is a brand new product.


Small Mijun in?

Open account of millet in the MIUI, millet cloud sync project, contacts, text messaging, photo albums, notes, call history, WLAN settings, also includes a find my phone feature. After you open the find my phone, will show small Mijun Web services address.


Small Mijun can do?

Sync contacts have been standard in today’s smartphones, but millet is integrated more text messages, photo albums, notes, call history, WLAN network settings and find cell phone, containing almost all commonly used basic settings, combined with MIUI’s backup feature allows users to very smooth upgrade to new equipment with millet, as well as daily millet switch for mobile devices.


Contacts: this section as with all cell phones, used to synchronize contacts, and provide recovery services contacts.


Message: not only synchronization, users can even from mobile phones, through the directly on the PC end direct message receiving and sending. You can insert expressions, MMS is not available at present, but if users both millet and use millet account, you automatically pass millet network message sent.

Imagine that real-life scenario, when a user out, half asleep do not wake up to the companies, found lying at home, then sent over the Web-side and received cell phone text messages, is such a beautiful thing.


Album: in the mobile phone side on clouds album will automatically synchronize photos albums and the screenshots album two, because the photo stream will consume a larger flow, enabled by default under the WLAN only to upload. Web end user can view the album in support of album or group browsing, image deletions without secondary confirmation, but since the existence of the Recycle Bin, within 10 days, users can recover accidentally deleted images. This often use computers to edit mobile phone photographs taken by students is absolutely great, Copy to Copy to the data cable is too upset.


Web end to support picture viewing


Find mobile phone: this service provides four functions, positioning, voice, locking, erasing data.

Position the GPS switches automatically when opening mobile phone.


Sound buttons use, makes the phone ring, which helps users quickly locked phone, mute switch does not affect.


Locks can help users remotely lock your phone to prevent privacy problems, using the need to set a password.


Erase button will help users remotely erase all user data, but after it is used, users have lost control over the phone.


If you use multiple millet devices, you can also switch between device management.


Written at the end, small Mijun (MiCloud) experience is very good, all operations in the mobile phone and Web sides almost no lag synchronization, but there where 2 is insufficient.


1, notes, call history, WLAN settings can be synchronized, but cannot be viewed directly on the Web side, phone records may have privacy implications, but notes such as, still hope can be managed and viewed directly on the Web side.

2,Web end using text messages, not even phone use millet account, when the phone is closed, can no longer send or receive MIUI network messages. This should improve operator message can’t be normal, SMS should be able to use the network science.


Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine Vera Bradley iPhone 5

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